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HWV Member Carole D has operated this scheme for some years and was recently much impressed by a presentation at Malvern Interclub.  She writes:

The Inner Wheel Club of Hereford Wye Valley collects used foreign and British stamps for the charity Canine Partners. These wonderful dogs provide wide ranging assistance for their Partners – from pressing switches and reacting in emergencies to helping their Partners with dressing and undressing. In fact one Canine Partner was so keen that he chose what his Partner was to wear that day before she had finished her shower! And it’s not just practical assistance but emotional support through true friendship and enhanced independence linked to self-esteem. Because Partners are responsible for all aspects of their dogs’ welfare, including exercise, it encourages people to go out into the world and, of course, dogs are a catalyst for conversation. It’s a truly wonderful Partnership.

If individual members in District 10 would like to collect used stamps for this charity, they could send them to us via District 10 Meetings and we will be very happy to parcel them up for Canine Partners.

Alternatively, if any Clubs are looking for an outlet for used stamps (and after all it helps with recycling too) then please give Canine Partners consideration. Please ensure that there is no more than 5 mm of single thickness border and that the perforations are undamaged. Then send them to: Canine Partners Stamp Appeal, PO Box 638, Fareham, Hants PO14 9JJ.

The Appeal was launched in 2012 and has so far raised sufficient to train Canine Partner Pat for her first year. A further £5000 is needed for Pat’s advanced training.

Thank you
Carole the Stamp